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At Work

GAIC has rapidly grown into a wealth of academic insights and know-how, resulting in an immediate increase in the number of publications produced on its behalf. Generally, GAIC knows four types of publications; journal articles, book chapters, books and policy reports. Each of these contribute to the goals and purposes of GAIC, both in the academic and public realm.



Journal Articles

GAIC researchers have published numerous articles in renowned academic journals, especially in the past two years. To date, GAIC has published 52 journal articles.


GAIC researchers, under the guidance of our coordinator, often publish part of their work in books, culminating in entire books. To date, GAIC has published 6 books.

Book Chapters

GAIC researchers frequently collaborate on books and book chapters, meant to inform both academia and public authorities. To date, GAIC has published 49 chapters.

Policy Reports

GAIC researchers aim to inform public authorities about the way forward. In doing so, they have contributed to 7 policy reports on issues of migration, COVID-19 and sustainable developmant.

Our Thematic Interests

GAIC’s publications may seem a bit eclectic at times, ranging from computer science to cultural anthropology. However, what unites our work is the study of and belief in resilience that our researchers have in common. Resilience can exist in mental health, data infrastructures and entire cultural systems alike. To find out more about our research themes, check out the link below!

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