GAIC recognizes the potential and value of bachelor students, master students and those who have graduated but are not (yet) pursuing a PhD. Recently, GAIC’s supervisors have provided opportunities for these individuals to contribute to or even be primarily responsible for research, resulting in the publication of book chapters and journal articles. Below, you can take a look at the profiles, interests and current research of GAIC’s graduate researchers.

Piet Gotlieb

BSc Public Governance, MSc Student Social and Behavioral Sciences

Piet is currently working on a number of studies pertaining to cultural trauma in a post-colonial context, cultural trauma in the LGBTQIA+ community, collective memory of the holocaust among youth, and competitive and recurring victimhood in cultural trauma as cultural violence in terrorism. He has previously worked on human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence for projects for the UN and EEPA.

Cultural Trauma and Culture Change In Disadvantag-
ed Groups

Resilience in Natural and Social Sciences

Joëlle Stocker

BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences, MSc Sustainable Development, Utrecht University

The concept of resilience is not uniformly defined and theorized across disciplines and networks of scholars, which can lead to confusion about what it represents and measures. This research looks into literature across disciplines to get an insight into the heterogeneity of the use of this concept and what that means for the field of resilience science.


Henk Gotlieb

BSc Sustainable Tourism Development, MScBA Business Administration

Henk is currently working on two studies pertaining to cultural trauma in a post-colonial context and cultural trauma in the LGBTQIA+ community. His primary research interests however, lay in the field of leadership, studying how leadership can be more employee-friendly and effective. 

LGBQTIA+ Cultural Trauma and Leadership

lity of Data In Elderly Care

Lars Schrijver

BSc Computer Science and Economics, MSc Student ICT In Business

Lars is currently in the process of writing his MSc thesis on the sharing of health data across platforms and institutions, studying the prerequisite infrastructure as well as the ethical and legal aspects of such constructions in the psychiatric geriatric setting for example, where patients cannot give consent. He is also working on cultural trauma in post-colonial El Salvador.