GAIC Network Starts New Year on September 16th, 2022

The Global Accessibility, Innovation, and Care (GAIC) Network started its new year on Friday, September 16th, 2022.

The first meeting this autumn semester was held last Friday and had more than 25 research students and supervisors across Europe and Africa. A total of 32 Masters and PhD students were grouped according to different peer groups that reflect their research areas which include the following –

• Resilience in Unstable Situations,
• FAIR Based Data Management for Quality of Health Care
• Health Informatics
• FAIR Based Data Analytics
• Governance and Social Transformation Process
• Mental Health in Unstable Situations
• Health Resilience
• PhD Advanced Group

The peer groups were created for the candidates to exchange ideas, give support, review each other, prepare joint presentations and prepare publications.

GAIC Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Mirjam van Reisen encouraged the PhD candidates and supervisors to present their research ideas. This will foster intellectual exchange and mutual development among the research students.

Researchers and Supervisors working with GAIC deeply care about the most pressing global, social, digital, and health-related issues. Over the years, researchers under GAIC Network have been studying changes in society, access to health care, and global changes in demographics and technology. From 2021 to 2022, GAIC researchers released over 40 publications.

GAIC has been involved in research projects like the Digital Innovation and Skills Hub (DISH), an eLearning platform developed to provide access to youth and women to develop employment skills, and VODAN Africa, a collaboration of researchers and health practitioners across fifteen African countries that have created a digital platform to enable access to critical data needed from Africa to fight the novel COVID-19


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