Duplication and Plagiarism Removal Process

The purpose of the plagiarism check is to ensure the courses developed are authentic and contain the original thoughts of the experts.

Below are the steps by the presidency to ensure that the course materials fall within the acceptable threshold of 8 – 12%.

1. Get all the submitted and formatted print modules – eLearning Team/Course Lead
2. Run Turnitin plagiarism checker on each print module – Tilburg Team
3. Send back modules to the experts. Print modules that did not meet the plagiarism threshold value to effect correction within a specified time frame – Quality Control Team
4. Course Lead sends back the corrected version within a 2-week timeframe – Course Lead
5. Run the plagiarism test on the new version of the modules – Tilburg Team
6. Pass, and go to step 7. Fail, go to step 3
7. Carry out quality check procedures: assessments, quizzes, and PowerPoints – Quality Control Team
8. Sign off for upload – Quality Control Team and the Presidency
9. Upload print modules to the LMS – eLearning Team