Social Transformation and Experience of Over Internet Shut-outs

Session Information

This session facilitated by the ICC Trust Fund for Victims and Research Advisors and Experts Europe and the All African Council of Churches (AACC) looks at how religious and community leaders, including women’s leaders, are working with internet-based communication to create awareness of situations where atrocities are committed on vulnerable communities in informal settlements.

The session hears from examples in Nairobi (Tangaza University) and Timbuktu. The discussion focuses on intra-religious and community dialogue in the digital era.

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Gorden Simango, AACC


  • Reginald Nalugala, Tangaza University
  • Adeline Bedoucha, ICC TFV

Organisational Descriptions

  • RAEE: Research Advisors & Experts Europe (RAEE) was created to ensure that justice, equality and accountability are always key cornerstones in the pursuit of international relations. RAEE tries to emphasise Europe’s role to promote democratic governance and accountability, adhere to human rights obligations and enable societies to live free from discrimination of any kind.
  • ICC Trust Fund for Victims: The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) advocates for and assists the most vulnerable victims of the crimes within the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) jurisdiction by mobilising people, and funding opportunities for the benefit of victims, and implementing court-ordered reparations awards.
  • Tangaza University College: Tangaza College is a Catholic University College jointly owned by the member religious congregations. The College reflects the importance of the development of education in Kenya in a religious and spiritual touch, rendering the student an all-round formation at Tangaza.
  • All African Council of Churches: AACC is a fellowship of Churches in Africa together that have key values towards promoting peace, justice, and dignity.



Gorden Simango

Gorden Simango serves as the Director of the All African Conference of Churches (AACC), African Union Office Advocacy. He mainly works on track two diplomacy to the African Union, the African Union Commission & its institutions across Africa, the Diplomatic Community in Addis Ababa; also multilateral institutions in Addis and beyond. Mr. Simango is passionate about bringing voices from the fringes to power centres to influence policy and decision making; and empowering local partners in advocacy and policy influencing, through compelling storytelling, respect of societal values and structures; and evidenced-based research to promote sustainable peace, resilience, and social cohesion.

Reginald Nalugala

Dr Reginald Maudlin Nalugala is a postgraduate tutor at Tangaza University College, Karen, Nairobi. He teaches Ph.D. and Masters in Social transformation. The key courses are Governance Principles, Politics and Democracy in Africa, Anti-radicalization Measures, and Leadership in Africa. His skills and expertise are expressed in critiquing the development discourse in Africa, and coordinating research on Virus Outbreak Data Network Research (VODAN) Africa. His expertise was further recognized during the 2019 United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 2019, New York). As a delegate to the 25th UNGA Conference, Dr. Nalugala was requested to edit reports from the conference on SDG 16, (now on the UN Website January-July 2019, was part of the IDLO Outcome Harvesting research team.

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